Naturalistic Living Environments

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Landscape Design

In today’s fast-paced world, doesn’t it make sense to make every precious moment we have with our family and friends count? When you’re thinking of your outdoor space, it’s important that it works for the way you live. We start our process with a free consultation on site, brainstorming fun ideas and options. Our design staff will work with you to be sure your family will have not only a beautiful living space, but one that’s functional for every need. Are you entertainers? Do you love to grill? What sports do you play? How do you relax? Our expert staff will use all these things (and more) to create YOUR perfect outdoor living environment!

Outdoor Living Environments

The key component for outdoor living environments to be a true success for everyone involved is to provide an environment or place to unwind, relax and reconnect with nature. Most importantly, they can provide a place to collect your thoughts and become reacquainted with family and friends.
Whether a crackling fireplace pit complemented by a few natural boulder sitting stones, or some larger boulder outcroppings accented amongst blankets of ground cover splendor. Let Boulder Images staff work with you and your family to create your special outdoor living environment today!!

entry boulder wall

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Boulder Outcroppings

Sometimes you don’t need a full wall, but would like some light retention. Other times, you just want a splash of stone for aesthetics in the landscape. Then, sometimes you do have a full wall but would love to soften the edges. In all those cases, boulder outcroppings are a great choice! In most any situation, outcroppings enhance the look of your outdoor living area. Using plants with groupings of boulders can really soften a space, as if Mother Nature put it there herself!

Natural Stone Staircases

We all have places to go…even in our yards! Stone staircases are not only functional, but they’re one of the most stunning pieces of the landscape. We offer some great options for steps – both cut and natural. What’s better, our step pricing is some of the best in the industry. Adding to the functionality, we like to support our staircases with boulders that can serve as sitting rocks. You never know when a shoelace needs to be tied or someone needs a rest when heading up the steps.

retaining wall boulder lighted stairway

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Naturalistic Retaining Walls

Everyone has different tastes, no two people (or yards!) are the same. Our traditional boulder and stone stacked walls are great for those that prefer the feel of a classic, bluff-like look. Traditional walls are also a perfect fit for tighter spaces that call for a smaller footprint to maximize usable yard space. And, just because it’s a time-honored look doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! We can craft beautiful tiers into your hillside giving a home to lush plantings or maybe that morning coffee space you’ve always dreamed of. And, don’t forget our precious summer evenings…it’s simple to tuck a firepit cove into a traditional wall for years of family memories!

Water Features

O’Neil Pools specializes in naturalistic water features.
Browse through our photo gallery to some examples of our work. We hope you like what you see. If you do, contact us to discuss your project. We’d love the opportunity to fulfill your boulder landscaping needs and requirements.

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boulder construction landscaping

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Naturalistic Outcroppings and Rock Gardens

O’Neil Pools specializes in naturalistic outcroppings and rock gardens.
Browse through our photo gallery to some examples of our work. We hope you like what you see. If you do, contact us to discuss your project. We’d love the opportunity to fulfill your swimming pool and landscaping needs.